AGLAIA Natural Paints and decorating products are manufactured using only natural ingredients.
A Full Declaration of the ingredients used in their manufacture is available. Please click here to go to our contact page and request a copy of our Natural Paints declaration.

These high performance products are based on traditional formulations that have been further developed to minimise the impact on the environment, to have no adverse impact on our health, and allow buildings to breathe more easily.
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brochure. In keeping with such a 'green'
product the brochure is also available
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Aglaia is now available in the Stone, Classic
& Trend colour ranges from Beeck

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  The Aglaia Natural Paint Historic
colours are well researched English, Welsh and Scottish colour ranges
made from the same type of
pigments that have been used
since the seventeenth century.

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Aglaia products are available direct
  from two main UK distributors, or via
  select stockists throughout the country.

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Alternatively please telephone
01208 79779 and we can direct
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